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Terms, Conditions & Guarantee

60 Days Return Policy

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase from any of our collections or Mom’s Market. If you for any reason, regret your purchase within 60 days of placing the order, just send it back (return address) and we’ll give you a full refund of the product – you only need to cover the shipping expenses.

Please notify us about the return, and attach a copy of the shipping receipt. The refund will be given once we receive the product and see that it is in good shape.



We have a decade long guarantee on beanies, whether they come from a regular collection, or Mom’s Market. If a stitch comes loose or a thread snaps after years of wear, send it to us, and we will fix the cap, and send it back to you. You only have to cover the shipping costs. We will charge you on our website for the shipping cost before we send it back to you.

If you have one of the 100 first beanies (numbered on the Certificate of Authenticity), read further down.


Our hand crafted caps have a 5 year guarantee. If it comes apart through regular use within 5 years, we will sow it back together, if you pay for shipping back and forth. (In all honesty: If you can fix it yourself, that’s probably the way to go.)

Other items from Mom’s Market

Socks will naturally be exposed to a massive amount of wear and tear being at the foot end of your day to day activities, and is a product that is expected to wear out. We have no guarantee, but patching is available for a price.

Sweaters is a product that is expected to wear out and need patching every so often. Therefore we do not have a guarantee on them, but patching is available for a price.

The first 100 beanies

If you bought one of the first 100 beanies — which the Certificate of Authenticity will prove — you have a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks, we patch it up, or replace it if need be. You only need to cover shipping costs.

Limits to the guarantee

We do not cover damage done to the product if you don’t follow proper wool washing routines. And as a general rule, we cover only what is considered “normal wear and tear.” If your pet bear got hold of it, we don’t replace it.

Stock Disclaimer

We are most often stocked, or able to produce on short warning. If a sudden peak happens, however we do not guarantee that there won’t be waiting time. We will do our best to inform you about waiting times before placing an order.

Company info

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