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We hand knit your beanies, the old fashioned way.

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Since my grandmother learned to knit in 1932, the needles have been clicking steadily in our family. A Red Hat Factory beanie comprises Norwegian heritage, a skein of yarn, and a whole lot of patience.

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The Westcoaster — 100% sheep wool beanie, 100% hand knit in Norway.

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Red Hat Factory began with my mom in her favorite chair, her knitting needles tapping methodically, shaping thread into beanies.

Although our team has grown, we do not plan to speed up that process. Stitch by stitch, loop by loop, each Red Hat Factory product is ingrained with one virtue above all — patience.

In a world of strained production chains, we exist to pay homage to slow and steady hand craft, and blend it with our Norwegian heritage of hand-knitting. From my grandmother knitting her first scarf in 1932 at the age of 5, teaching her daughter in turn to knit, to finally, a son building a brand around it to encapsulate the heritage.

Our factory consists of a homely house, and all the time in the world to create quality — the old fashioned way. A Red Hat Factory product, therefore is knit for longevity, and meant to be patched rather than discarded when it wears out.

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