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Red Hat Factory began with a dream:

Perfecting the iconic red beanie

in a hand knit model that suits anyone. From there we grew into so much more.

Red Hat Factory Beanies

We produce hand knit goods

the way it has been done in Norway through generations. My mom, like many before her, in her favorite chair working two or more knitting needles with a large measure of patience.

Time to knit a Red Hat Factory product

Genuinely hand knit

Wool in a Red Hat Factory product

80–100% sheep wool

People knitting a Red Hat Factory product

Knit by four Norwegian ladies

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“I received my Red Hat quickly and use it all the time.”

Every Red Hat Factory product is genuinely hand knit — my mom in a chair, her knitting needles tapping methodically

We do not intend to speed up the process.

In a world of mass production and factories, we want to celebrate slow and steady hand craft ingrained with years of heritage.

A mother teaching a daughter to knit, a son building a brand around it to honor the heritage

The name Red Hat Factory then, is of course used tongue in cheek. Though my mother really is spitting out knitted goods like one.

A Red Hat Factory product is expected to stay with you for a long time, and is the kind of apparel you patch up rather than discard when wear and tear appears.

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Our products range from 80–100% sheep wool

The wool type is handpicked from South America and imported to a Norwegian mill, where it is processed.

The South American sheep are chosen over the Norwegian ones, because the wooly cousins down south yield just a bit softer wool.

Take care of your wool

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