Mom Made is Better than Home Made

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We bring you hand knit explorer caps

, made by my mom in Norway—on the Norwegian south coast to be exact.

Growing up, I always wore hand crafted, woolen wearables, and did not at all realize the value of such gifts—until one day I grew old enough to understand that my mother is in possession of a legendary crafting skill, passed down from one generation to the other. Red Hat Factory emerged out of this realization.

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Every Red Hat Factory cap is hand knit

in about two work hours and ingrained with the years of heritage that goes into each and every product.

Every cap is quality controlled by my mother, and we have a lifetime guarantee on stitches coming loose, or threads snapping from years of wear.

An investment in one of our caps is a long term investment. It will stay with you through rain and sun, and only gain more character as it ages.

Our caps are 80% pure sheep wool

, the wool type handpicked from South America and imported to a Norwegian mill, where it is processed.

The South American sheep are chosen over the Norwegian ones, because the wooly cousins down south yield just a bit softer wool.

After more than a year of testing, we wanted to go as natural and classic as we could, but decided to keep some of the perks of 20% nylon.

Take care of your 80% of wool

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