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Write for Us

We are currently looking for interesting articles that fit our brand culture. This could be an opportunity for you to tell your story.

We are looking for people who are telling their story from a personal point of view, fit our brand culture, and have an aesthetic that fits our brand. You will stand as the author, with a backlink to your Instagram.

You don’t have to own one of our products or be in any way associated with us, only be a co-promoter of the culture we love here at Red Hat Factory.

Our culture key points

As long as you adhere to these key points, we are very openminded as to the content (but we have suggested guidelines below).

Two examples

How to write

We currently have two categories:

For features, we have often suggested the following outline, though it is only to be considered a loose guideline. Many found it helpful.

How long should it be?

1500 to 3000 words is a good guideline, but most anything goes. The main thing is that you feel you have told your entire story the way you want it told.

What language do I write in?

English or Swedish are both good, but if you write in Swedish you have to be good at basic grammar, because we aren’t.

We will edit your English articles if it’s needed.

Swedish articles are translated into English by us, and both are published.

What do you get from this

What do we get from all of this

Get started

Contact us at hello@redhatfactory, to get started. We’re just one mail away!