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One Sock to Rule them All —New Product in Store

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen Published on July 1, 2020 in News Reel Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.

When my brother in law came into my apartment while I was drying wool socks after laundry, he made me realize something. Not everyone has a basket of 25 pairs of wooly socks right inside the door.

When I grew up this was normal. As Norwegians, we live pretty far into the northern hemisphere, and floors get cold. When the termometer drops below -20℃ (-4℉), your sweet leather boots aren’t always enough. That is why the average Norwegian household has a basket of family-shared wooly socks in the hallway near the front door.

Norwegians wear a lot of wool socks.
Ben Laws, the infamous mind behind MacLaren Barbers.

The Grandmother Resistance Movement

When I was little, I was into film-making big time. We made action movies with polyphonic ringtones playing Mission Impossible in the background, and basically ran around beating each other up in the forest and bringing each other to justice. Before I had editing software we re-shot scenes by rewinding the tape and filming over the old stuff — something that resulted in a lot of funny choppy transitions.


At this time in my life I started writing on a script idea. The Grandmother Resistance Movement. It would be a comedy about how during WWII grandmothers formed an underground knitting movement, where they provided soldiers with warm wooly socks. They would have their own secret communication networks through tapping morse code on their knitting needles, and they’d smuggle baskets of socks through the mountains to get to the front lines. All in skirts and with permanent. (Perm — something all Norwegian grandmothers have.)

Norwegians making movies.
This is a frame, featuring me, from a bear hunting tutorial me and my neighbors made around that time.

From reminiscing about 13 year old me coming up with this idea, it is pretty clear that the hand knit wool sock stood pretty strong in our culture. It was the standing joke that we’d get socks for Christmas if we didn’t behave — then we grew up, and what had been a threat became a treat. When we shopped for winter boots, we always made sure there was space for the thick wooly socks inside. We’d simply never go out in snow boots without them.

Lucky bastards

While we as Norwegians are lucky enough that a fine pair of hand knit wool socks are used as a threat, not all of you have a Norwegian grandma. That is why we make our mission to make it available for you. Yet another little piece of our culture shared with you. Knit by genuine Norwegian mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and quite frankly, even great great grandmothers.

Word of the day: Great great grandmother in Norwegian is tippoldemor.

As we take the step into (pun intended) a future of being more than just a Hat Factory, what better product to bring than the grandmother-made standard issue Norwegian Wool Sock.

I bring you The Grandma(ster).

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