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Hand knit 100% wool beanie hat
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The nearest to nature we’ve ever been.

Beanie, hand knit in Norway
The old fashioned way.
Hand knit wool beanie in 5 colors and 100% wool
Beanie in five natural wool colors
Five color choices.
Beanie knit with 100% sheep wool
Nature's own material.
Gritty double thread knit wool beanie
Gritty double thread knit — for rough weather. Seamlessly knit in one piece.
Naturally insulating wool beanie
Naturally insulating, even when wet. Wool fibre draws moisture away froim your skin.
Beanie knit with stretchy wool
Stretchy material and no tag, so you can fold it however you like.

Knit the Old Fashioned Way

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Wool beanies being knitted

At the heart of everything we do is a pair of knitting needles, patiently tapping.

At the age of 5, in 1932, my grandma (in the picture above) knit a somewhat slanted scarf for her doll. Since then the tap of the needles has been ever present in our family, and the skill has been passed on to my mother.

It was when I grew older that I began to realize the skill and heritage that went into the plethora of hand knit beanies, sweaters, socks and pants I wore growing up. After that realization, my mother and I began designing beanies in 2016.

Leaning on experience going back to 1932 and a cultural heritage going all the way back to time of the vikings, we have come up with a product that is rough and rugged enough to withstand Norwegian winter winds, but we refuse to leave our roots.

We still do every product the old way, and thus a Westcoaster takes about 2 knitting hours per piece.

Designed to Withstand

Wool beanie by the sea

With the rugged terrain of the western fjord-coast of Norway in mind, we set out to design something that could handle just about anything.

It is knit with two threads simultaneously, which gives it both the gritty look and the heat you might expect from a 100% sheep wool beanie. For a Norwegian, sheep wool is the one and only choice, and having grown up wrapped in the stuff, I am happy to pass it on to any one who would like to take part.

Wool’s supreme insulation abilities absorbs sweat, leading it away from your skin, diminishing shivers and discomfort as you go conquering the unknown. No man-made material can really match it.

The Westcoaster is for the tough winds on the ocean a rainy day. Your commute in a snow fall. The beanie you hide in your backpack when on a late fall hike, in case the cold winds come creeping.

The woolen beanie in the mountains Wool beanie in the hills Woolen gritty beanie in nature
10 year warranty

We’re in it for the long run.

The world is a slow moving machine. The longer we use a product the less strain we have on production chains, and the earth gets more rest.

Our 10 year warranty is in place in order to encourage you to patch up rather than discard your hat if it begins unravelling. We will repair it completely for free, you only have to pay for shipping — and when your warranty has run out, patching will still be available for a price. Properly cared for, this hat can last you many decades.

100% wool beanie in the city Wool beanie in front of house Woolen gritty beanie in urban area
Free shipping

We’ve done the work for you.

When designing our hat and out packaging, we made sure we tailored the packaging to be slim enough for the cheapest possible shipping, so that we would be able to offer free shipping without inflating the price.

And if you want tracking, we will have a paid alternative for that.

Wool beanie clad man playing banjo

Launch Goal:
Dec ‘21/Jan ’22