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Climbing the Pinnacle of 2020

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen Published on August 21, 2020 in News Reel Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.

Taking an extra side job didn’t leave much extra time for developing the Red Hat Factory brand, second quarter of 2020. And then we slid directly into a sweet long vacation. But the vacation brought new clarity.

When we got away from the grind, chilled on my parents lawn, rock climbed with friends and family, travelled into the mountains, swam the ocean, it happened what usually happens — inspiration came creeping; half made ideas coalesced in the silence.


Now we will start the year off by focusing on our new concept called Channels. As you know if you follow us, we focused a lot on inviting other passionate craftspeople and adventurers to share their stories on our page in the beginning of the year. Now we are shifting up to next gear.

For starters, all our own categories have been assigned a Channel — Adventure Stories probably being the most interesting one. However, that is just for starters.

A few select allies will have a Channel on the Red Hat Factory site, where they will share things that the Red Hatter community appreciates. I’ll be leaning back and enjoying the content they put out, just like you. I can’t wait.

I will introduce our first external Channels in the (very) near future.

New product on the horizon

Right before vacation, we also released a pair of wool socks. And that is just the beginning of the expansion. Behind the scenes, my mother has been designing a very own knitting pattern for a Red Hat Factory sweater — and I got to see it and test it this summer. It will eventually be revealed in all its glory, but I swear, it is something special.

More time, more content

This fall, I chose to put many side projects on ice, to let Red Hat Factory get the love it deserves. That makes me tremendously excited for what is to come. I’ll have a major focus on all that is going on right here.

If you read all the way here, I suggest you sign up for our email newsletter. right in the footer. Then you’ll get stories from the community, plus news about the company stuffed right down your throat — right were you’d want it.

Old Lady Advice from My Mother (And New Packaging)

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen Published on February 6, 2020 in News Reel Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.

Am I calling my own mother an old lady? Not really. But… it wouldn’t have been that bad. In our family age is something we try to honor and are proud of. Age is wisdom, and old age is when you’re entitled to more comfort and respect from those around you.

We believe that older generations have wisdom to pass on to the next one, and we have found a way to include more of that into Red Hat Factory.

“Old lady advice” or — the less flattering translation — “hag advice” is a saying or proverb that has gone from generation to generation. No one knows from when or where it originated, but everyone has heard it.

A good example came early this year, when my Grandmother suddenly exclaimed, as we were dining Norwegian lapskaus: “There’s a difference between daddy and the cat.”

I had to have it explained for me by my mom later that evening. The proverb had been said because I couldn’t eat the dessert (because of allergies). In this proverb I was the cat who’s not getting what’s served at the table. Not everyone should be equally treated — the worker is worth his pay, as they say.

These proverbs were more freely thrown around back in the days, and since we are all about Norwegian traditional knitting, we’ll throw another piece of Norsk culture into the mix.

A Norwegian blessing

From 2020 on you will get a handwritten note with a selected piece of old lady advice or an old Norwegian blessing, written in Norwegian with every beanie you order. It doesn’t get more primal than that.

Norwegian Proverb
A classic Norwegian blessing.

The one in the picture is a classic Norwegian blessing, incorporating old fashioned humor, rhymes, and a reference to a classic toilet.

Spoiler alert: Some are more serious than others.

It is only a few generations since everyone had an “outside-toilet” (utedo). These usually stood (some still do, especially outside the typical Norwegian mountain cabin) on the edge of a precipice or wall, so the waste could gather up in some sort of tank, or area below. This was excellent fertilizer, so grass normally grew rapidly in the general area behind the toilet. This card says “may happiness grow, as grass behind the toilet.” In Norwegian, that rhymes.

If you receive a card, and want the translation and decipher the meaning, you’ll have to chat with us, and that’s just what we want — more connection with you guys. You’re the ones making Red Hat Factory an exciting journey, and we always love hearing from you.

A worthy packaging

The beanies we sell in store at MacLaren Barbers have been packed in modest slick white packages, with each respective logo stickered on the front. Because of an issue with shipping from Norway, we couldn’t use the same for our beanies through mail.

Now however, I have found some packages that work for international shipping, and we can finally deliver the beanies just as we wanted all along. It has taken some time, because this is a small family business, and many things have been higher on my priority list. But, here it is.

2018 in Retrospect

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen Published on January 17, 2019 in News Reel Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.

The keywords for 2018 has been ‘Adventure Stories’, ‘New Colors’ and ‘Limited Editions’, but the best part of the year has been the increased human connections we have experienced.

Who cares about likes and ‘please follow me’ comments, when you can have ‘That hike is awesome. I did it too!’ comments, and you guys tagging your beanie and expressing your love for it!

Both me and my mother (and my grandmother and aunt through us) appreciate tremendously the feedback we have gotten from you all. So don’t hesitate to ever strike up a conversation about life, Zissou, hikes or beanies. And keep them tags coming!

When I tell my grandmother we have sent beanies to Canada, USA, Russia and New Zealand, she laughs from joyful surprise. It is astonishing how much the world has shrunk since she was young.

Adventure Stories

Through the year the concept of Adventure Stories have really been established and found its form. An Adventure Story is simply that we release pictures from our trips slowly through the year so that you get to follow along. So far it has been Norway trips only, and we are not unhappy about it.

I just released the latest Adventure Story in article form. And a new one is kicking in shortly on Insta and FB.

In fact we did the hard decision at the end of 2018 to dedicate our entire Instagram account to Adventure Stories only, for a more themed account. We will still post beanie shots though, both yours and ours to our Instagram Stories.

A dream for 2019 is to have some of you create a guest Adventure Story, so now the challenge is out there!

Limited Editions & New Colors

There are still Limited Editions Deep Sea Green & Coral beanies left, only found in the Facebook store. Take a peek if you like.

Beside that, we added two shades of gray to our base collection in 2018, and have selected three new colors to be rolled out over 2019. Which colors are coming is only for the newsletter subscribers to know. They gotta have some kind of reward for being so forward.

The photoshoot we had with the incredibly talented Eleonora was definitely a highlight of the entire year.

And with those photos, I’m out. Have a good year everyone.

Limited Edition Coral & Deep Sea Green Caps

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen Published on October 15, 2018 in News Reel Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.

We wanted to try something new, so we did.

It’s my favorite way of trying new things.

We made one of each of our beanie models in Coral and Deep Sea Green. So all in all, there are 6 beanies. One of each type in each color. You can only get them through the Facebook shop.

So if you’re into Coral or Deep Sea Green, strike fast!

Turquoise woman beanie
Sophia and the Deep Sea Green.
Coral and Turquoise knit caps
The beanie bunch.
Turquoise beanie
She’s my wife, so no, I am not harassing her.
Coral and turquoise beanies
Coral and Deep Sea Green Collective.

Black is Back!

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen Published on August 3, 2018 in News Reel Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.

The colors are coming! Well… shades of gray really.

Red Hat Factory started with… you guessed it… red hats — or in more technical terms, red knit caps. Every hat is hand knit, and the factory part of the name is none other than my mother. You should see her as she keeps those knitting needles active all day, whether she travels, sits at home or works. Millennials have their smart phones, my mother have her knitting needles and her yarn basket.

Because Red Hat Factory was born through the idea of the red hat as the ultimate adventurers apparel, we held back on producing more colors, since we felt it important to let the company have a season of being what it was conceived as. But now that it’s established what we are and why we are the Red Hat Factory, the time to expand has come.

For starters we are adding two shades of gray to the original red, but more is already in the making. We are keeping a vote active over at our Instagram account. You can still find it in the highlights on top of the profile — @redhatfactory.

Go vote!


Before releasing the Black and Light Gray we went out with friend and incredibly skilled photographer Eleonora Leka, and Alfred and Sophia as models, to get some dope shots.

I’m just warning you. They have the photo genes. Don’t blame me if you end up starstruck.

Alfred sporting a charcoal Southlander.
Sophia rocking a classic red Southlander.
Light, light gray!

Hope you enjoy the new shades, and that you take a quick round through our Insta story to vote! You will definitely see more of these guys on our Insta and Facebook in the future.

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