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Should I Wear a Beanie in the Summer?

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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When I wore my red beanie cap to Tanzania in 2016, I admit I was more than just a little stubborn. Maybe a light cap to shade my eyes would have been a better pick. However, there is a good argument to be made for why a beanie is a great all-year-round EDC.

Wearing a beanie in summer in Africa.
Me stubbornly wearing a beanie cap on Mt. Loleza, Mbeya.

Cool summer evenings, windy mountains — beanie at the ready

For some reason we tend to think of summer as this static 30℃/90°F cloudless state of being. But depending on where you live or what you do, this might be the case only half the time.

In Norway the weather is shifting pretty quickly, so we’re taught from childhood to be prepared for anything. That’s probably why I always throw my beanie cap in the backpack whenever I plan to spend the day outside.

By the lake a late summer evening, wearing a beanie cap.
A cool summer night by the lake merits both a jacket and a beanie — it’s all about being ready for every weather.

A proper summer consists of midnight swims, cool evening strolls, scaling windy mountains where a sudden drizzle of rain takes you unawares. It is not all about laying in the sweltering sun working on your tan (something I absolutely hate personally — laying still is not my forte.)

A beanie is the perfect heat regulator

So much of your body heat escapes through the head. There is a reason why a beanie is properly called a cap. You’re the thermos, the beanie is the cap. Whenever your beverage get’s cold, screw the cap on to preserve the heat.

When it comes to heat regulation, there’s nothing better than wool. Moist cotton beanies feel terrible in my opinion. If you’re going for the rough sort of summer — wet hair from midnight swims, facing the rain on a mountain top, sweating your way up a hill — wool is the best at handling moisture.

Norwegian wool sweater and beanie in the mountains
This clouded summer day in 2020 called for a beanie.

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Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Published on May 20, 2021 in Essentials
Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.