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Steve Zissou Beanie from all sides

The Steve Zissou Beanie
— Iconic, Red and Sometimes Pointy

Steve Zissou on TV screen

You may know it from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic, where Bill Murray wears it in all its glory — the iconic red beanie cap. It has been an adventurer's hallmark for years, popularized by the likes of oceanographer Jaques Cousteau.

The most iconic one is without a doubt the pointy one worn by Steve Zissou himself, but that's not the end of it. The whole crew dresses in the archetypal blue-red combination, but each of them has a distinct style of beanie from each other.

When we made our two foundational Red Hat Factory beaniesThe Southlander and The North Cap — it was with The Life Aquatic and the Steve Zissou aestethic heavily in mind.

Red Hat Factory Southlander — Steve Zissou lookalike beanie

One of the Zissou Crew — Your personal beanie style

A core value in the design behind our Steve Zissou inspired beanies, was to embrace variety. Because there is no tag, you fold the beanie exactly as you will — once, twice or full roll. And because of how stretchy natural wool is, it adapts to your head over time, becoming one of a kind, because you are one of a kind.

Steve Zissou Beanies in various styles

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