Wool Beanie | Pointy Style | The North Cap
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From the sharp peaks of Northern Norway.

The North Cap

Steve Zissou Inspired Wool Beanie

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Rated 5 out of 5
(4 Reviews)
  • Hand knit over the course of 4 hours.
  • 80% sheep wool.
  • Knit in Norway.
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Honey Mustard
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This color is not in storage, and you should expect 1–3 weeks of extra knitting time, depending on current demand.
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Knit in the Peace and Quiet of Norwegian Living Rooms

Hand knitting wool beanies

Making You Part of a 400 Year Old Heritage

Keeping with the four centuries old tradition of Norwegian hand knitting, we knit every piece with patience and attention to detail. Our family have done so since grandma began knitting in 1932.

We are here to share with you the experience of growing up with hand knit wool, right off the needles. No gimmicks, just the wool, the honed skill, and the patience.

The North Cap wool beanie

Inspired by the Sharp Peaks of Northern Norway

The North Cap is our adventurer’s essential beanie. Combining the old craft of hand knitting, with the pointed design denoting adventure, since the popularization of the style by Steve Zissou.

Recycled wool

Old Fashioned Sustainability

Norwegians already knit for pleasure, in their own houses, and we used this existing culture, to offer a secondary income for passionate knitters. We don’t employ anyone, but pay per beanie.

The Norwegian yarn mill that supplies us has been around since 1888, and are outspoken and detailed about their care for animals and humans along the entire line of production, whether its imported raw wool, or from Norway.

Leftover yarn from knits is gathered, and used first for Mom’s Market custom knits, then the final leftover stubs are used for pillow stuffing.

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10 Years Guarantee

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About The North Cap

The North Cap is a hand knit wool beanie, knit the old fashioned way, with two knitting needles and a whole lot of patience. It is knit in Norway, on the South Coast, by a variety of knitters. No matter which knitter, each beanie goes trough the same quality control, and each knitter is selected through a few (paid) test knits. Each North Cap comes with signed Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the knitter of your particular beanie.

The model is based on our Southlander, but is tapered towards the top, making it more pointy.

We knit with wool, the North Cap being 80% sheep wool. Sheep wool is by far the most common knitting material in Norway, historically and in modern times alike. The 20% other percent are nylon, which strengthens the thread, and makes the North Cap an all-round beanie, as opposed to the thickness of pure wool, which produces more of a pure winter beanie.

About Wool

Hailed by Norwegians for centuries, sheep wool is the number one choice among knitters. Along with choosing wool because of its historical significance in Norwegian knitting history, there are timeless features associated with wool.

  • Wool is great at insulating in moist conditions.
  • Wool has a rough and natural look, aside from the fact that it is natural.
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant, adding an extra layer of security around the campfire.

About Red Hat Factory

Red Hat Factory is a company started by mother and son on the Norwegian South Coast. Emerging out of childhood memories of wearing hand knit goods and a love for red beanies, found in adulthood, we've built a network of knitters that can deliver the genuine hand knit experience to all beanie lovers across the world.

  • Required Knitting Hours 4 Hours of Knitting
  • Wool Percentage 80% Wool
  • Optimal Temperature 0–15°C/32–59°F Optimal Temperature
  • Size One-size Size
  • Color Options 10 Color Options
  • Guarantee 10 Years Guarantee Read More


Why hand knit beanies?

We hand knit because we are here to honor and tell the story of our Norwegian heritage. Generations after generations hand knitting wool apparel to keep their families warm. And the tradition is still alive and well. Also hand knit beanies comes with a personal touch and history that machine-knit goods just can't match.

Why are the beanies so small?

Many of our beanie models look very small when you unpack them. That is because of wool's nature — it's not "pre-stretched", and has to start out tight. It shapes itself around you head after little time. If you lend it to someone, and it get's stretched out too much, it can simply be dipped in warm water, and after drying, it's back to where it started.

Why wool beanies?

We did not choose wool — hundreds of years of Norwegian tradition chose that for us. It is an amazing insulator, with the special feature that it pulls moisture away from your skin. Norwegians have sworn to wool both historically, and in modern day outdoors apparel. You just can't beat the natural fiber that is wool.

Why are there loose threads in my beanie?

When a beanie is finished, the thread is attached by sowing it into the finished product several rounds. Sometimes that end thread comes poking out — most often on the inside, as we try attaching it that way. It doesn't mean it is coming loose. If it comes out on the outside, try pushing it back in — use a needle if needed. The beanie will not unravel — and if it does, please refer to our guarantee.

Does your mom and grandma really knit all the beanies?

It all started with my mom, then my grandma joined the team. My mother designs all the beanies (sometimes with input from me), and we recruit as many knitters as we need from around Norway. But it is always hand knit, the traditional way, and quality controlled by my mom.


Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)

It has become an extension of my head..

Rated 5 out of 5
October 6, 2022

From the first time I put the North Cap on, its has become an extension of my head. I always wear it, apart perhaps from the hottest summer days. I love everything about this woolly hat – the fit, the colors available and the fantastic wool! Highly recommended!

Magnus A

Red hat factory is my home.

Rated 5 out of 5
October 4, 2022

I go everywhere with my red hat .

Adam Skrzeszewski

Zissou would be v happy with this one

Rated 5 out of 5
October 20, 2021

Great little hat with a lot of character. Made with love from the motherland is an added bonus to my cousteau beanie. Recommended.


Choose the North Cap!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 20, 2021

Cannot commend this product enough! Intricately woven sheep wool that metaphorically resembles that of Mozart’s symphonies or Van Gohg’s paintings. I’ve had mine for almost two years now, and it’s never let me down! It keeps me warm when cold, dry when wet, and unique in a world full of followers. Choose to screw the system, stand out, stand taller, stand firm. Choose the North Cap!

Michael Kenneth Almqvist