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The Southlander

Inspired by the rolling hills of the Norwegian South, the Southlander features a nicely rounded top, and makes it the essential explorer cap to have in your toolbox. In short, it's for the one who likes the tested and tried classics.


Red Hat Factory hats are hand knit from sheep wool, each product taking about four hours of work to complete, and we are not planning to speed up the process.

Our aim is to honor handcrafting skills passed down through generations, and to reclaim that space of no-stress that gives a worker the ability to perform his or her best while enjoying the craft.

· When you receive it, it might seem a bit small, but that is on purpose, to allow for the natural stretching that occurs when wearing wool.

· When you buy a product from us, it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. A card signed with the initials of the one who hand knit it.

· There may be waiting time if we're out of stock since this is genuinely hand-crafted, but most of the time you'll find us fully stocked.

· 30 Days Return Policy and a decade long guarantee—read more.

· Don't hesitate to ask us any question at