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The North Cap Hand Knit Wool Beanie Hat

Inspired by the sharp mountain peaks of the Norwegian North, the North Cap is capped off in a point, making this classic 2RS 2WS patterned beanie a statement. Single fold it for a long peak, or double fold the edge for that provocative little tip which is the signature of the North Cap.

Beanie Knitting Time Knitting Hours 4
Beanie Wool Percentage Wool Percentage 80

Our aim is to honor handcrafting skills passed down through generations, and to reclaim that space of no-stress that gives a worker the ability to perform his or her best while enjoying the craft.

Beanie Knitting Statement
Light Gray
Norway Pine
Honey Mustard
Hunter's Orange
Nordic Blue
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Beanies may seem surprisingly small when you first open them. That is to allow for the stretching that occurs when wearing natural wool.

Care and clean: Read more about how to wash and care for wool products.

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