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The Bay Bee

The next generation of explorers are still drooling on your shoulder! While they are not yet ready to sail the open seas, they roam around the bay. The Bay Bee is a beanie that lasts all the way from infancy into the first years of life. It only changes its shape and character as the child grows.

Red Hat Factory hats are hand knit from sheep wool, each product taking about four hours of work to complete, and we are not planning to speed up the process.

Our aim is to honor handcrafting skills passed down through generations, and to reclaim that space of no-stress that gives a worker the ability to perform his or her best while enjoying the craft.

More about this product

30 days return policy, for non-tailored products. 10 years guarantee on our beanies. Read more.

Free worldwide shipping without tracking, with a paid alternative for tracking.

Each product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity — a card signed with the initials of the one who hand knit it.

There may be waiting time if we're out of stock since this is genuinely hand-crafted. Under normal circumstances, this is at most a week before dispatching beanies and socks, more for tailored sweaters.