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Useless, but fun.

The Pom-pom

Hand Knit and Hand Pom-pommed

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  • Hand knit over the course of 4 hours.
  • 80% sheep wool.
  • Knit in Norway.
This color is not in storage, and you should expect 1–3 weeks of extra knitting time, depending on current demand.
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A Throwback to Norwegian Glory Days

Beanie with pom-pom

Norwegian Beanie Balls

There is little that calls back to my Norwegian childhood more than a red, home-knit beanie with a pom-pom.

The pom-pom was always an unquestioned accessory to the beanies of my early years, but now I am definitely questioning it. It is utterly useless, but very fun.

A close up of the pom-pom beanie.

A Klaus Daimler Callback

It was honestly after we attached the pom-pom that we noticed the striking similarity to Klaus Daimler’s beanie from The Life Aquatic. But, we don’t mind the callback.

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About The Pom-pom

The Pom-pom is a Southlander that has got a pom-pom added on to it. The pom-pom is hand made by my mom — an easy little trick, according to her.

About Wool

Hailed by Norwegians for centuries, sheep wool is the number one choice among knitters. Along with choosing wool because of its historical significance in Norwegian knitting history, there are timeless features associated with wool.

  • Wool is great at insulating in moist conditions.
  • Wool has a rough and natural look, aside from the fact that it is natural.
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant, adding an extra layer of security around the campfire.

About Red Hat Factory

Red Hat Factory is a company started by mother and son on the Norwegian South Coast. Emerging out of childhood memories of wearing hand knit goods and a love for red beanies, found in adulthood, we've built a network of knitters that can deliver the genuine hand knit experience to all beanie lovers across the world.

  • Required Knitting Hours 4 Hours of Knitting
  • Wool Percentage 80% Wool
  • Optimal Temperature 0–15°C/32–59°F Optimal Temperature
  • Size One-size Size
  • Color Options 1 Color Options
  • Guarantee 10 Years Guarantee Read More


Why hand knit beanies?

We hand knit because we are here to honor and tell the story of our Norwegian heritage. Generations after generations hand knitting wool apparel to keep their families warm. And the tradition is still alive and well. Also hand knit beanies comes with a personal touch and history that machine-knit goods just can't match.

Why are the beanies so small?

Many of our beanie models look very small when you unpack them. That is because of wool's nature — it's not "pre-stretched", and has to start out tight. It shapes itself around you head after little time. If you lend it to someone, and it get's stretched out too much, it can simply be dipped in warm water, and after drying, it's back to where it started.

Why wool beanies?

We did not choose wool — hundreds of years of Norwegian tradition chose that for us. It is an amazing insulator, with the special feature that it pulls moisture away from your skin. Norwegians have sworn to wool both historically, and in modern day outdoors apparel. You just can't beat the natural fiber that is wool.

Why are there loose threads in my beanie?

When a beanie is finished, the thread is attached by sowing it into the finished product several rounds. Sometimes that end thread comes poking out — most often on the inside, as we try attaching it that way. It doesn't mean it is coming loose. If it comes out on the outside, try pushing it back in — use a needle if needed. The beanie will not unravel — and if it does, please refer to our guarantee.

Does your mom and grandma really knit all the beanies?

It all started with my mom, then my grandma joined the team. My mother designs all the beanies (sometimes with input from me), and we recruit as many knitters as we need from around Norway. But it is always hand knit, the traditional way, and quality controlled by my mom.