Handcrafted Wool Caps | Made from Swedish WWII Uniforms
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Handcrafted Swedish WWII Wool Caps

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  • Crafted from Swedish WWII uniforms
  • Wadmal material (felted wool)
  • Hand crafted by our friends in Lithuania
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5 Panel w decoration Sold Out
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6 Panel w decoration Sold Out
This color is not in storage, and you should expect 1–2 weeks of extra knitting time, depending on current demand.
This variant is sold out. Contact us below with a heart warming letter, and we might produce a new batch.
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Swords Beaten into Plowshares

Hand crafted wool cap woven detail

Peacetime War Apparel

Re-purposing old material into new items is a rewarding journey — but even more so when it’s refashioning a wartime uniform into a piece of peacetime apparel.

It just feels right.

Hand crafted wool cap strap detail

Attention to Detail

Our friends at Bernot in Lithuania paid attention to every detail when turning these uniforms into caps.

Even the straps are made from the jacket linings, and at least in this first batch, we’ll drop in one of the original three crowns buttons from the uniform jacket.

Hand crafted wool cap lining

Every Cap Made With Care

The caps are each handmade — with meticulous attention to detail — by the infamous cap artist Bernot, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee

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About Handcrafted Swedish WWII Wool Caps

The caps are handcrafted from a WWII Swedish military uniform. The material is wadmal — which is felted wool, using a method that goes all the way back to the Viking age, and has been common in the Nordics since then.

First batch only

For this first batch, the uniform was one bought by my father to use as a moped uniform when on rides with his veteran moped club. The uniform was since used by me for a couple of winters living in Sweden.

For this first batch, we kept the three-crowns buttons off of the jacket, and will put one for each order. Hopefully we’ll be able to do the same for future orders, but there’s a chance we will only use pants, and not the jacket for future batches, because it contains more usable surfaces of material.

About Red Hat Factory

Red Hat Factory is a company started by mother and son on the Norwegian South Coast. Emerging out of childhood memories of wearing hand knit goods and a love for red beanies, found in adulthood, we've built a network of knitters that can deliver the genuine hand knit experience to all beanie lovers across the world.

  • Material Wadmal (Felted Wool) Material
  • Size One-size Size
  • Guarantee 5 Years Guarantee Read More