Hand Knit Wool Beanie Hats

Hand Knit Woolen Beanie Hats

Here at Red Hat Factory we knit woolen beanie hats the way it has been done generation after generation in Norway.

Over 650 Beanies hand knit and delivered.
And the number is growing every day.

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Four of hand knit wool beanie hats
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Hand Knit in Norway

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80–100% Sheep Wool


Inspired by the rolling hills of the Norwegian South, the Southlander features a softly rounded top on a classic 2RS 2WR knit pattern, making it the essential all-round beanie for your EDC kit. The first choice for you who like the tried and true classics.

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Inspired by the sharp mountain peaks of the Norwegian North, the North Cap is capped off in a point, making this classic 2RS 2WS patterned beanie a statement. Single fold it for a long peak, or double fold the edge for that provocative little tip which is the signature of the North Cap.

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While not yet ready to sail the open seas, the next generation frolics in the safety of the bay. And preferably, under the protection of a Bay Bee. The stretchy 2RS 2WS knit pattern enables the beanie to last from infancy up to the first couple years of life. It only changes its shape and character as the child grows.

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