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Steve Zissou Wool Beanie

A Classic Wool Beanie with a Twist

Steve Zissou style. Rooted but brave.

Pointy Steve Zissou Wool Beanie
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Adventurous but rooted.

In the North Cap, our Norwegian tradition of hand knitting clashes with Steve Zissou's pointy, provocative beanie style.

While not leaving the iconic Red Hat Factory simplicity and high quality craftsmanship, it features a pointy tip, just to stand out.

Built for the wide open outdoors.

Norwegian culture is outoors and adventure oriented, and sheep wool has always been our answer to the fluctuating weather of our mountains.

The North Cap is knit with 80% sheep wool, to keep you warm, even while you sweat your way to the peaks.

A Hand Knit Wool Beanie for the Peaks

All our beanies are hand knit with sheep wool. But not all of them stand as much out as the North Cap.

It started when we made our Southlander. We experimented with a few attachment methods for the top, and at one point we made this super pointy one. We were about to discard it when someone saw it, and praised it for it’s Steve Zissou-esque look.

From there we decided to create two models (though we have many more now). One aiming to be a pure classic, and this second one to be more stand-out.

To tie it into our Norwegian landscape naming scheme, we named it the North Cap for the pointy mountain features that are so common up north.

A wool beanie is for the outdoors

As with all our products, the North Cap is knit with sheep wool. This one in particular, is 80% sheep wool. The remaining 20%, are nylon, which allows the yarn to be thinner while still durable.

Wool is a material that Norwegians have used for millennia, and we still love it for its innate features. First of all, it is infamous for insulating even when wet. So if you are doing a sweaty outdoors activity, such as hiking or skiing, wool draws that sweat away from your body, into its own fibers.

There are many other features of wool worth mentioning.

  • It is somewhat fire-proof.
  • It is warm.
  • It is natural.

For us, maybe the natural element is the one that stole our hearts the most. Because of our roots running deep into Norwegian heritage, there is something beautiful about using natural materials along with an age old craft.

Hand knit the slow way

We hand knit all our beanies in Norway. And when we say hand knit, we don’t use the term lightly. I know some people would use the term even if a person would operate a knitting machine. No, we have an actual network of Norwegian knitters at the ready, and they knit the beanies in their own homes, with a pair of knitting needles, and an immense patience.

The way it is made is as much a part of the Red Hat Factory beanies, as the material and look.

Every beanie comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed with the initials of the knitter.

All in all, we aim to give you an experience such as the one we had ourselves, when we grew up wearing hand knit apparel straight off the needles of our own mothers.

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All our beanies are hand knit.

We exist to honor and maintain the old tradition of Norwegian knitting.

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All our beanies are knit with sheep wool.

Sheep wool carries a long tradition in Norwegian hand knitting.

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