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Classic Wool Beanie

The Original Fisherman Beanie

Hand knit in Norway, the old fashioned way.

A Classic Wool Fisherman Beanie
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We aimed to craft a Norwegian classic.

The Southlander was our first attempt to encase our Norwegian heritage of knitting into a timeless, simple classic — hand knit the old fashioned way.

It's already 7 years old and have made its rounds around the world.

Ageless. Timeless. Hand knit.

To craft something classic we looked to simple, basic knitting patterns.

Then we searched out fellow Norwegians we knew as masters of the age old craft.

A simple pattern, plus masterful craftsmanship, equals a classic.

A Fisherman Beanie in Truth

Going back to the roots of the craft of knitting, we have searched our way towards the original fisherman beanie.

A hand knit fisherman beanie

Back in the days a fisherman beanie would be knit in your local society, by hand.

We also knit by hand. This is in fact the root of our company. We grew up with the Norwegian tradition of hand knitting our own winter clothes, and wanted to share that feeling with you.

To catch the essence of the old fisherman’s society, we still knit the old fashioned way, with two knitting needles tapping away, echoing the sound of generations of Norwegians. We are not speeding the process up, rather tracking down new Norwegian knitters to join the crew.

Seaspray, wind and wool beanies

The original fisherman beanies would optimally be knit with wool.

Among seaspray and wind, you would need something that keeps you warm even if it gets wet. This is one of the ancient, fantastical features of wool. It draws moisture away from your skin, on a fibre level, and insulates supremely in wet, sweaty or moist conditions.

Even if you grind down the wool to machine-weave your inmost layer of clothing (which Norwegians do all the time), it still keeps this amazing feature. So for winter sports, wool is the #1 choice of Norwegians.

The original fisherman beanie must be knit with wool!

Fold your beanie yourself

The best possible fisherman beanie would give you the ability to fold it the way you like.

When you’re docked you roll it up to let out some heat, and hear your mates as you work away.

When you’re out among the seaspray, you roll it down and cover up your ears until the wind stills, and the sun peeks out. Then you roll it back up again.

This flexibility is one essence of an original fisherman beanie, and we naturally made this possible. Keeping with our roots, we don’t put any tag at all on our beanies. It should be exactly like our mothers knit for us as children — pure material shaped into apparel.

And this frees you up to wear the beanie exactly like you want, and we’ve seen a bunch of different ways people wear it.

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All our beanies are hand knit.

We exist to honor and maintain the old tradition of Norwegian knitting.

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All our beanies are knit with sheep wool.

Sheep wool carries a long tradition in Norwegian hand knitting.

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