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No Bull, Just Wool Policy

The words handmade, organic, authentic, and such are thrown around so lightly. It’s almost like a stamp of approval you have to have on your products. We do not want to jump on that band wagon just for the sake of it – we want no bull, just wool.

One thing we value a lot is to call things what they are. We want you to feel safe when we say that something is handmade, so while we always present our product the best way possible, we will try to avoid lying. Unless of course we speak out of misinformation, which I have no guarantee against.

We really love handmade, raw and real. And this love of the real is ingrained into the core of the company.

When we say it is handmade, it is really handmade—not made on a “hand-knitting-machine”. My mom or some of her friends/family have actually put down between one and three hours, which is what it takes to get all those thousands of stitches together.

We buy our yarn from a Norwegian factory, we hold no sheep of our own, though that would be fun in a future scenario. Sometimes the wool is mixed with a little nylon or other components to strengthen it.

Fun fact: A Bay Bee consists of 7148 stitches. We counted once for a competition.

A red hat being hand knitted.

My grandmother hand knitting a red hat. Either a Southlander or a North Cap.

So this is what it looks like when a knit cap is being knit. The old way, the genuine way, which we treasure tremendously.

Turning a Labour of Love Into a Job Washing and Care

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