Wool Care & Cleaning Instructions

Care & Clean

Wool washing symbol

Our products are made of 80–100% sheep wool or merino wool (a specific breed of sheep), so they need a few more touches of care than your average cotton apparel.

Washing Instructions

P.S. Occasionally we sell other products than just beanies on Mom’s Market, and you might own other wool apparel, so we include instructions for them as well.

Red wool beanie washing instructions
The basics: 40°C wool setting for regular wool, 30°C for merino wool + wool specific detergent, or no detergent. Do not tumble dry.

Washing machine settings

Use 40°C wool setting for regular wool.
Use 30°C wool setting for merino wool.
Use detergent specifically for wool, or no detergent at all.

The wool setting on your washing machine gently lulls your product into cleanness, instead of tumbling it around. If it goes all centrifuge on you, don’t worry. The wool setting knows what it’s doing.

Do not tumble dry (and how to dry sweaters)

You may tumble dry wool if you want to, but it will come out as something entirely else. That process is called felting, and is not what we are going for.

Sweaters should not hang up to dry as its own weight will over-stretch it. We recommend laying it down, maybe across a washstand.

Hand washing

You may also go completely rogue and hand wash your items. Just make sure the water is not above 40°C for regular wool and 40°C for merino wool. We also recommend not to hand wash sweaters, since the gentle lapping of the washing machine actually tends to be more gentle than your own hands.

Washing frequency

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, so most of the time it’s enough to air it out. You are the judge of when washing is necessary, but the less you wash it the better it is for both the product and the environment.

Red wool beanie
If your cap has been stretched, do not despair. It can be refitted.

Refitting a Stretched Beanie

If you happen to have lent your cap to a friend with a rather large head, or have worn it and as a consequence of your thoughtlessness it no longer clings to your head, then do not despair. Just dip your cap in warm water, squeeze it tight and let it dry without stretching it out. The wool will shrink back to perfectly clasp your head again.

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