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How to Wear a Red Cap

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen, Published on April 15, 2019 Designing and developing the Red Hat Factory Brand with my mother.

The question itself is flawed, but you are asking it.

I recently looked at our search results, and saw that a few of you have found us through searching for ‘How to wear a red cap’.

I will answer that, but my first response when reading it is, how is that different from a green or blue cap?

I don’t know. But I’ve noticed one thing through selling beanies all across the world. No one wears it the same, and that is the beauty of it.

But with that said, we have three basic ways of wearing our beanies. We make them with no logo attached, so you can fold and roll them as you please. That is one of our trademarks.

The single fold

If it is a little bit colder, you might want yo go for a single fold, as I did on this old picture. Though it is my second favorite fold, it looks awesome, and it gives space for you to pull it over your ears if you please.

How to wear your red cap: Single fold

My favorite: Fold your cap twice

My favorite style, and the one most commonly used by our Red Hatters, is the double fold.

Here’s Sophia (some of you know her) with the basic double fold.

How to wear your red cap: Double fold

The third way to wear a red cap: The roll

I honestly can’t tell if this picture a roll or a sloppy double fold, but I like the idea of rolling the edge, as opposed to doing sharp folds. And I have seen it done with other people.

How to wear your red cap: Rolled up

Conclusion: Wear your cap your way

Just to underline how different we are, and how the caps we wear shape to our style and head shape – here is a bunch of people wearing it their way.

Be like them – unlike each other.

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