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Red Hat Factory is all about enjoying the moment of creation. At People and Their Passions, we talk to folks who love what they do, about what they do.

People and Their Passions

Category: People and Their Passions

Capturing Emotion — A Hobby Photographer’s Memoirs

It was exciting to see how the monkeys live and interact with each other and with the human visitors to the Temple. Being in the midst of 700 monkeys, there was no shortage of great moments to photograph. The opposite was truer — I missed a lot of great opportunities, and this turned out to be the biggest challenge of this area.

A Hunter’s Hunt for the Classic Outfit

What makes me love natural material is the way it adapts to the seasons and weather. Cools when it's hot, heats when it's freezing, transports sweat away from the body, and keeps the heat even when rain has soaked it, and isolates well when you use air gap space and the multi-layer principle.

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