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50 Shades of Aleks Grey — Meet the Norwegian Artist

My grandfather played the accordion, his brother the traditional Norwegian violin, hardingfele. My mom plays the violin, and my father plays piano and sax. Suffice to say, I have always had a lot of music around me. I grew up in a beautiful, quiet township called Heggjabygda, located near Nordfjordeid on the West Coast of […]

Aleks Grey
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How Lykke Kaffegårdar Wants to Change the Coffee Industry

You might know them for the coolest coffee-branding this side of the universe. But behind Lykke’s bright brand there is an even better philosophy waiting to be discovered.

Gabriella Matheny
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Why Do We Love Brent Underwood and Cerro Gordo So Much?

We’ve written about Cerro Gordo before. This time we revisit the abandoned mining town in a deeper exploration of why we love it so much.

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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Escaping Burnout — From Stockholm to the Mountains

Taking the brave step out of the asphalt jungle, into a calmer life in the Swedish Mountains, Emeli and Mathias takes you on a completely unique founder’s journey that will inspire to action.

Emeli Nilsson
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Meet the Shellfish Farmers of Maine’s Coastal Oceans

Scallop farming is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the Brewers. Beyond the simple shellfish, lies the joy of working together father and son.

Kevin Erdvig
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Just Try One More Time — Jonas’ Journey of Leathercraft

The satisfaction of overcoming obstacles and creating a sweet handmade product is immense. Pride of craftsmanship is at the center of the story of Jonas’ journey of leathercrafting.

Jonas Malmström
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Ghost Town Living — The Abandoned Mines at Cerro Gordo

Restoring an old abandoned mining town. Hikes and daily adventures? Historical artifact discoveries. Sounds like just the thing for us!

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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From Sun Kissed Stone Walls to Snow Clad Summits

Monica is ready to take you from mountain peak to mountain peak all throughout Europe, and to her local climbing cliffs in Western Sweden. This is an adventure!

Monica Madsen
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This Podcast Gets Under Your Skin (By Cutting Your Hair)

What’s all this Sips and Clips business about? Get to know a bit of the heart and soul behind this coffee, creativity, and conversation based podcast / community.

Ethan Thompson
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A Painter’s Guide to the Galaxy

For me it started with my dad painting acrylic pictures during his stay in rehab. He struggled with depression at this time and was surrounded by other people fighting depression and trauma. I was 10 at the time.

Sophia Kühlewind
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Capturing Emotion — A Hobby Photographer’s Memoirs

Being in the midst of 700 monkeys, there was no shortage of great moments to photograph. The opposite was truer — I missed a lot of great opportunities, and this turned out to be the biggest challenge of this area.

Linnea Melén
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286 Pairs of Raw Denim Jeans — How Sarva Came to Be

We managed to raise enough money to order 286 pairs of raw denim jeans from a small factory in Italy. These sold out very fast, and from then on we had to learn, mostly the hard way, how to manage a brand.

Anton Olsson
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100+ Years of Hand-cranked History — The Allure of Chainstitch Embroidery

One of the most significant reasons I appreciate chainstitch embroidery is its undeniable authenticity. Hand crank chainstitch embroidery machines date all the way back to 1865 with Cornely’s Machine A.

Brad Knipping
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A Hunter’s Hunt for the Classic Outfit

What makes me love natural material is the way it adapts to the seasons and weather. Cools when it’s hot, heats when it’s freezing, transports sweat away from the body, and keeps the heat even when rain has soaked it, and isolates well when you use air gap space and the multi-layer principle.

Tobias Söderholtz
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