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Articles about the things that are closest to the heart of the brand. Sort of an introductory collection when you get your first hand knit product.


Category: Essentials

Patching Wool Products

Wool sweaters are a collectible, but making it last through the years, is up to you. Learn how to care for it like you would a nice pair of leather shoes.

The Shaping of Our Beanie Models

Simplicity has always stood in the center of every product we've designed. It's a reflection of the origins of the products — a mother knitting wearables for her children to face the onset of winter.

How to Wear a Red Hat Factory Cap

There are actually more ways than you might think, and the choice is all yours. Our models deliver as a tube that you are free to fold as you like, and the lack of any tags on the edges makes your freedom total. One thing I’ve noticed through selling beanies all across the world — no one wears it the same, and that is the beauty of it.

The Red Knit Cap as a Symbol of Adventure

Red knit caps have over time become a symbol of adventure and exploration across the world, and also deeply rooted in Norwegian folklore. How did it become such an iconic piece of headwear, and what is the origin of the red hat?

The Story of Red Hat Factory

While Lord of the Rings was blamed for having too many endings, we may be blamed for having too many starts. It started with a dream—a literal one. Also it started with a man named Chester, surrounded by a crew of red hatters. But before any of this could have happened, it started with a mother carrying a legacy like many Norwegian mothers do—the legacy of hand knitting, perfected through generations

Turning a Labour of Love Into a Job

I have always admired and sought after the feeling of being able to go to work and enjoy your craft together with friends. No stress, only good company and the satisfaction of a job well done. The world has a way of pushing against this, turning up the heat, and demanding slightly more than you can produce. At times, I think we should push back.

No Bull, Just Wool-Policy

The words handmade, organic, authentic, and such are thrown around so lightly. It's almost like a stamp of approval you have to have on your products. We do not want to jump on that band wagon just for the sake of it – we want no bull, just wool.

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