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Come along with us as we explore the wilderness that lies so close to the heart of Red Hat Factory.

Adventure Stories

Category: Adventure Stories

Røldal Part II — Hike to the Heights

We were driving down the road towards the hill, and we passed one of the larger waterfalls in the area. The way it carves its way through the cracks in the mountains, and cascades down into a pool of crystal clear turquoise water, blew me away the first time I saw it. Next time I saw it, it blew me away again.

Besseggen Part I — The Road Goes Ever On and On

I was invited along with a small crew of three on a road trip. The goal was to be Besseggen, a very popular Norwegian hike. Starting with a train ride from Stockholm to my friend’s house in Norway, we were supposed to continue on a three hour road trip. It did not take three hours. The reason: […]

End of the Road — a Trip to Lofoten

There, the mountains rise just a bit steeper, and the ocean waves rise just a bit more often and a bit higher. There the natives speak just a bit more refined North-Norwegian dialect, and the mists cling just a bit tighter to the mountain tops.

Lost in the Mist

The mists lay low around the mountain tops at the place we are aiming for, and the roads are ripe for driving. Miles of asphalt will be covered, and traces of our rubbery wheels be spread from the Southern Coast of Norway, far into the misty mountains.

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