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Brand Knitters

Not our regular knitters, our brand knitters.

If your Instagram profile has over 1000 followers and a style we feel fits our brand you may apply to become a Red Hat Factory Brand Knitter.

What will you get from it

You get the opportunity to buy own beanies for retail price for you and your family.

An affiliate link, and take part in the affiliate link contact, where you earn a small sum of the money if a beanie is sold through your link. (If it’s not sent through that link we have no way of knowing it came from you.)

If the collaboration grow into something solid, where we feel you are an amazing representative for our brand, we will promote you and your channel (probably Instagram) in some way on our site as our ambassador.

What is required of you

You need to post about the beanie in your social media at least on a monthly basis, tagging us as you do.

We are looking for people who are an organic match with our brand — a.k.a. someone who really likes the beanies. Therefore we expect engagement from your side, and if we feel it dies out, we might end our agreement at any time we see it necessary. You will represent us to a degree, so we will have to take that precaution.

Apply at

Additional perks

If you are a good photographer and like hiking, you might be a good fit for writing an Adventure Story. Maybe you share an old adventure, or go on a brand new one wearing our beanie. We’ll post the story in your name, making it a mutually beneficial project.