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Besseggen Part I — The Road Goes Ever On and On

I was invited along with a small crew of three on a road trip. The goal was to be Besseggen, a very popular Norwegian hike. Starting with a train ride from Stockholm to my friend’s house in Norway, we were supposed to continue on a three hour road trip. It did not take three hours. The reason: […]

Black is Back!

Red Hat Factory started with... you guessed it... red hats — or in more technical terms, red knit caps. Every hat is hand knit, and the factory part of the name is none other than my mother. You should see her as she keeps those knitting needles active all day, whether she travels, sits at home or works. Millennials have their smart phones, my mother have her knitting needles and her yarn basket.

Every Stitch of 2017

So the globe has turned the 365.25 times it takes for 2017 to become 2018, and with it, Red Hat Factory has twisted and turned, and been through a lot of exciting changes. Here is a summary for you.

The Red Knit Cap as a Symbol of Adventure

Red knit caps have over time become a symbol of adventure and exploration across the world, and also deeply rooted in Norwegian folklore. How did it become such an iconic piece of headwear, and what is the origin of the red hat?

The Story of Red Hat Factory

While Lord of the Rings was blamed for having too many endings, we may be blamed for having too many starts. It started with a dream—a literal one. Also it started with a man named Chester, surrounded by a crew of red hatters. But before any of this could have happened, it started with a mother carrying a legacy like many Norwegian mothers do—the legacy of hand knitting, perfected through generations

Turning a Labour of Love Into a Job

I have always admired and sought after the feeling of being able to go to work and enjoy your craft together with friends. No stress, only good company and the satisfaction of a job well done. The world has a way of pushing against this, turning up the heat, and demanding slightly more than you can produce. At times, I think we should push back.

No Bull, Just Wool-Policy

The words handmade, organic, authentic, and such are thrown around so lightly. It's almost like a stamp of approval you have to have on your products. We do not want to jump on that band wagon just for the sake of it – we want no bull, just wool.

End of the Road — a Trip to Lofoten

There, the mountains rise just a bit steeper, and the ocean waves rise just a bit more often and a bit higher. There the natives speak just a bit more refined North-Norwegian dialect, and the mists cling just a bit tighter to the mountain tops.

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