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A Hunter’s Hunt for the Classic Outfit

What makes me love natural material is the way it adapts to the seasons and weather. Cools when it's hot, heats when it's freezing, transports sweat away from the body, and keeps the heat even when rain has soaked it, and isolates well when you use air gap space and the multi-layer principle.

Røldal Part II — Hike to the Heights

We were driving down the road towards the hill, and we passed one of the larger waterfalls in the area. The way it carves its way through the cracks in the mountains, and cascades down into a pool of crystal clear turquoise water, blew me away the first time I saw it. Next time I saw it, it blew me away again.

How to Wear a Red Hat Factory Cap

There are actually more ways than you might think, and the choice is all yours. Our models deliver as a tube that you are free to fold as you like, and the lack of any tags on the edges makes your freedom total. One thing I’ve noticed through selling beanies all across the world — no one wears it the same, and that is the beauty of it.

Olives are Dropping

The Olive Red Hat Factory beanie has been long expected by many. After all, Red Hat Factory’s roots are firmly planted in the adventure of the green-dyed outdoors, and it only makes sense to match that color in our wooly apparel.

2018 in Retrospect

The keywords for 2018 has been 'Adventure Stories', 'New Colors' and 'Limited Editions', but the best part of the year has been the increased human connections we have experienced.

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